Good Behavior - by Blake Crouch

My rating - 4 Stars

Letty Dobesh is a convicted thief and a drug addict and just out of prison but she hasn't been reformed. This is a collection of three fun stand alone novellas (The Pain of Others, Sunset Key, and Grab) by Blake Crouch. According to Blake Crouch's website (http://www.blakecrouch.com/letty-dobesh.php), Letty is his favorite character of all time and I can see why. Each novella is a fast-paced thrill ride that will keep you guessing on how it will end. 

In The Pain of Others Letty is robbing hotel rooms when she find herself hiding in closet and over hearing a killer for hire. She is faced the decision of either saving the intended victim and risk going back to jail or going along her merry way and forget she heard anything.

In Sunset Key Letty is tasked with stealing a priceless painting while posing as a high paid escort from a wealthy CEO's private island the night before he goes to jail for securities fraud.

Lastly in Grab, Letty is on her way to see her son and takes a detour to Las Vegas to rob a casino for a once in a lifetime score. 

Each story is easy to read, fast-paced, and delivers a solid plot. The book has an introduction by Crouch and at the end of each novella there is some extra background information on the story and writing the new TNT television series coming out. These are nice little extras. I thought it was interesting to read about some of the reasons behind making changes in a story for a TV show.

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